About Us. Who We Are, What Makes Us Different?

Our uniqueness is in our different way of thinking: first we think of you, and a unique idea to your event. The dream, the idea, and the vision will be executed in the most original, surprising, and creative way.
Your next event will be just like a first one for us. We will give everything we’ve got. We will think, create, and reinvent ourselves. From an intimate occasion to a major production, your event is the center of our activity.
We believe that the common and mutual process, in which you tell us what you would like and we make it happen, is the key to a successful and unforgettable event. Together, we will make your dream come true and realize your vision.
Even though we have an experience of over a decade, and hundreds of evens behind us, we make sure that we surprise ourselves each time all over again.
We will choose a unique location for you, inspired design, innovative technology and a concept that is just right – for you.
With a promise for a special event, we are ready to get started…

How Do We Work?

The day of the event is the most important, but the process is just as important – we see significance in the creating process, which has the qualities of a smile, understanding and listening. A process with a peak of fulfilment – for us each event is a realization of a vision. For us, the small details are big. We know that attention to every detail gets the job done.
You can rest assure that ever since the first handshake in our meeting, and until the lights go out at the end of your event, you are in the most professional hands possible.

Our Principles

Our Events

We offer a variety of solutions for events, starting from the idea, through meticulous planning until the day of the event itself. We will accompany you and be with you all the way. Choosing of concept, stage size, fit lighting, unique location – we will offer a variety of solutions to your event. Our thinking is based on your thinking, the client. How would you like your event to look? We will suggest – you will decide. Your event will have a unique, surprising character, one that your company employees and your guests have never seen before.

Types of Events

Caught in the Frame

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Our Clients

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Talk to Us

Eventiko Events
6 Yehudit Blvd. Tel Aviv
Fax: 077-4702498
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