Years of Experience | We believe that professionalism is a central key to the success of the event. Over the years we have acquired experience, which without a doubt makes us more knowledgeable and professional.

A Winning Team | A good and efficient team is one where everyone has a huge and significant contribution to the process and the result. In our view, you and we are partners for the road, the process where dialog and listening take place. Partners of creation.

Homework |We will research, check, and find out what you want, we will trust our experience from previous times, and think how this event would be different – more surprising, more innovative, more exclusive.


Any Day. Any Time. |You and your event are what really matter to us. That’s why we are available to you all the time. Every day and at all hours; by phone or face to face; week days, Saturdays and holidays: we are available!.


The Next Big Thing | Technology, gadgets, event arenas and design possibilities are being renewed all the time. We see innovation as a significant factor which leads to sure success of the event. The new, the surprising, and the unexpected will leave everyone speechless.

In our events we aspire to surprise our clients and ourselves, each time all over again.


WOW |  The big-show. The moment of truth. The impression left after the event, its detailed design, courteous service, unique flavors, and unforgettable performance, will make everyone talk about it the day after, and the day after that.

In the next event, they would expect a WOW, at least as much as the previous one.


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